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As a gladly hitched “K1 spouse” of seven years up to a wonderful girl from Asia

As a gladly hitched “K1 spouse” of seven years up to a wonderful girl from Asia


She was asked by me concerning this concern. She flipped issue around: exactly just exactly what could be her advice for females from Asia or any other nations who’re considering marrying US males?

1. Similar course history. She’s from an “intellectual household” – her dad is just a teacher, her mom ended up being a higher college instructor, and her older sis is just a dean at an university that is famous. She ended up being the “black sheep”, starting company. Her history is honestly more “intellectual” than mine – my children being mostly white-collar designers in protection organizations – but our company is near adequate become “suitable” as families. Family compatibility issues enormously – in Asia, a wedding is between families, not merely people, and it is my impression that this might be real generally in most nations.

2. Whenever she ended up being in the meetup website, she identified that there have been three general forms of reactions:

o bashful, geeky intellectuals – just like me 🙂 This is basically the type she preferred. o Older guys that has lost their spouses and whom wished to remarry. This will have already been okay, but it wasn’t just just what she ended up being to locate. o Older men who wanted a sex and home-servant servant. Yuck.

Evidently, it absolutely was quite clear which type the guy ended up being from e-mail.

3. She would not advise one to repeat this whom did not talk and compose English that is enough to minimum have actually significant e-mail dialogs.

4. She would advise ladies to prevent males from tiny towns or rural areas; in the event that relationship does not exercise, it really is much harder to escape. (más…)