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Key Elements For Best Metal Detector For The Money Revealed

When buying a metal detector, there are quite a few factors that you should look into. The receiver coil picks up any metal object that comes into the magnetic field because of the variations in the frequency. Because of this, you will find some of these kinds of products on our list of the best metal detector models.

When you are ready to take detecting to the next level, the second generation Gold Bug will help you get there. It gives you optimal performance that is based on your metal hunting preferences and condition, so it can be used in either Motion or Non-Motion Modes. And, with advanced ground balance, you have a wide range to ground balance including heavily mineralized ground to saltwater without having to worry about switching to a special mode. This is a great tool to use in any soil type with its ground balance feature that is preset neutralizing it’s response to the mineral content you encounter.

Large coils receive good depth, but they also detect more in the soil versus small coils; this leads to false readings and poor targeting. This machine is for serious detectors which do it as a career or income.

While you shouldn’t stay out in a heavy downpour, light rain won’t harm this detector. Also, the control box is weather-resistant, so you won’t have to stop detecting if it starts raining. You can use it on both saltwater and freshwater beaches, and it even has a coin setting to help you target any pieces of eight that happen to be nearby. White’s MX5 offers a beach mode to help you try to fight the difficult conditions many beaches have without tinkering with too many settings. That frees up your time to only hear signals you might want to dig.

But if you want to save as much money as possible while still making sure that you get a great unit, we found that the Bounty Hunter – Gold Digger is the way to go. In terms of performance, the Garrett – Ace 250 simply cannot be beat.

It has full-on digital electronics to make your signals easy-to-read, and automatic ground balance to match the soil you’re working on. The Supertraq incorporates a pinpoint mode so you know exactly where to dig, and when coupled with the sensitive discrimination mode you’re not going to be cleaning up tin foil and nails all day. It has great discrimination properties so you can ignore the metallic trash, track gold, or choose to shake it up for coin or relics instead – there’s no need to buy two machines. The ground-balancing set up is a bit different on this detector. The SuperTraq has a high frequency of 17.5 kHz for gold searching capabilities, which is not as high as the AT Gold or the Gold Bugs’ 19kHZ, but it’s still good enough to find tiny nuggets of gold in highly mineralized soils.

The X-Terra 705 is one of the few truly multi-purpose metal detectors on the market that are equally good at finding gold nuggets as it is for gold hunting by simply changing the coil of the detector. Whites MX Sport is an all-purpose, waterproof metal detector with a DD search coil. It has two types of search modes; beginners metal detector an all-metal and a discrimination mode, with 4 levels of Fe tone, to discriminate out the iron targets. Different targets respond with a medium tone in the all-metal mode, however, with the iron audio feature, the detector differentiates the ferrous targets from the other targets by producing a low-tone sound.

The first on the left allows you to select the discrimination mode. For example, if you’re looking for gold, you can select the jewelry mode. There’s also a custom mode which allows you to program your own discrimination mode.